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Honored Members/Awards

BRAR Recognition

It’s important to recognize our members for achievements, whether they be production based or service-based awards.  BRAR has updated categories and qualifications for the many honors given each year.  Remember, awards such as REALTOR® of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Affiliate of the Year rely on your nominations.

Award Recipients

Here are some guidelines for BRAR Awards:

Volume Awards:

  • Volume Awards are intended to celebrate the production of ANY REALTOR® member in our association. As such, any agent (residential, commercial, individual or team) is encouraged to apply.
  • Residential leases and Commercial sales DO count toward production, as we want to celebrate all work (previously, residential leases were not included).
  • Residential Sales and Leases should be entered into Bright MLS to count. However, case by case situations and Commercial sales and leases not in Bright MLS may be counted with a contract/agreement to represent and settlement statement to close.

Volume Category Changes:

  • Chairman’s Award - $3,500,000 to $5,999,999 or 18-29 closed transactions
  • Director’s Award - $6,000,000 to $9,999,999 or 30-44 closed transactions
  • President’s Award - $10,000,000 + or 45+ closed transactions

Team Awards are no longer separate and distinct.  Volume Awards will be presented in the name of the Individual or of a Team.

  • If team members put transactions under the team lead in Bright MLS, the in “individual” volume award may be presented in the name of the Team itself, instead of the Team Lead.
  • If a team is structured where agents put transactions under their own ID in Bright MLS, each agent member of the team may apply for an individual award.
  • An individual and a Team award will not be provided separately for the same volume.

Hall of Fame:

  • Hall of Fame may be granted in the name of an individual or Team, depending on how the prior awards have been granted.
  • Agents may combine President’s and Diamond Awards to count toward their Hall of Fame status.

Of the Year Awards:

  • Applications for “Of the Year” awards will be made digital from this year on, providing a more streamlined and accessible process for submitting nominations.
  • The objective for “Of the Year” awards is to recognize the amazing accomplishments and contributions of our members.
  • Agents are encouraged to nominate ANY other member for these awards, regardless of their specialty or brokerage. This inclusive approach allows for a broader recognition of the exceptional work being done by members across our association.
  • The application process is being revised to make it easier to nominate someone else, even if the nominator may not have specific knowledge of the nominees coursework, involvement, and other contributions to their career and association.

The Awards Committee made these changes, with Board approval, to create a more inclusive and representative awards program that truly celebrates the achievements of BRAR members.

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