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Who We Are and What We Do

Your Blue Ridge Association of REALTORS® exists to assist you throughout your career, whether you are just starting out or have reached Emeritus status over many years of commitment to the real estate industry.  Just as you are committed to doing an excellent job and providing great service to your clients and customers, BRAR staff and the associations Board of Directors and Committees is committed to doing the same for our members.

We are part of a three-tiered organization.  The three legs of the stool are the National Association of REALTORS®, the Virginia Association of REALTORS®, and the Blue Ridge Association of REALTORS®. All three levels provide advocacy to our members and work to keep unnecessary regulation and unwanted tax burdens on property owners and REALTOR® members.  Our efforts save members hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year by battling regulators with our collective clout and the investments you make in RPAC, which elect candidates who are aligned with our protection of private property rights.

In addition to advocacy, BRAR provides education through dozens of classes each year which help keep you current on your continuing education requirements for renewal of your license.  We offer both CE credited classes and are creating a fast track to success through our Road Map to Success.

We offer networking opportunities throughout the year in collaboration with our many affiliate members who work side-by-side with REALTORS® to create a fun and relationship building culture throughout the area we serve.

We are a place to go if you have a dispute to settle with a fellow REALTOR® through our Professional Standards options of mediation and arbitration.  We also offer Ombudsmen service to help you through disputes before they move to grievance status.

We are your portal to the Bright Multiple Listing Service, which allows you to collaborate and compete fairly with your fellow members and their firms.  Competitive cooperation…. that’s what our wonderful REALTOR® world is all about.  We all do better when we play well together.

The staff at BRAR is committed to offering outstanding customer service to our members.  It’s our top priority.  Stop by anytime and say hello.  Thank you for being an important member of BRAR.

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